Open to everyone, everywhere! There will be five winners!


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  1. Gets to choose two of the six pokémon!
  2. Any of the remaining four pokémon
  3. Any of the remaining three pokémon
  4. Choose between remaining two pokémon
  5. Gets the last pokémon

I will try to infect all of them with Pokérus, therefore the Shiny Eevee might evolve (not much though, I’ll do it in Santalune)

If you wanna know more about them or can’t see the crappy photos, you can find all theirs stats, nature, characteristics and moveset here!

Ends on 30/04  (if you’re in the USA, 04/30)


my favorite face painting requests from today

  • "a cat" (what kind of cat?) "a regular cat. with pink spots and blue stripes"
  • "a chase" (a chase?) "yeah. my stuffie chase"
  • "a girl"
  • "a golden dinosaur dragon"
  • "a wolf" (twenty minutes later) "can you paint my neck too. and my back" (and again) "can you dye my hair grey"
  • "a puma" (four year old explains to me in depth every color variation on a puma’s face)
  • "a jaguar, which is like a leopard, but it can kill a caiman in only TWO leaps"
  • "a rainbow tiger"
  • "a blue circle"
  • "a dog" (gets face painted) (begins crying because she looks like a dog)
  • "can you do rayquaza"

get to know me meme1/5 favorite female characters: ELLE WOODS 
"If I’m going to be a partner in a law firm, I’m going to need a boyfriend who’s not such a bonehead."



please watch avril lavigne’s new video it is so much worse than you are imagining as you are reading this, it is so much worse than anyone could have ever guessed it would be

im cringing

spinda appreciation life



When Ken Morrish picked this apple off a tree in his garden, he thought a prankster had painted half of it red.

But after inspecting it closely he realised that the remarkable split colours on the fruit were a natural phenomenon. And the bizarre apple turned Mr Morrish into something of a celebrity in his village with scores of neighbours queuing up to take a photograph of it.

Experts say that the odds of finding an apple with such a perfect line between the green and the red are more than 1million to one. [source]

My Biology major boyfriend got a scholarship for excellence in Botany as well as a scholarship for excellence in Biology and Zoology

I asked him if this his possible and all he said was “I don’t know, plants are fucking weird”

tumblr user memphs is the coolest, thanks a bundle!! <3





Simultaneously the worst and best movie ever made

Actually one of my teachers watched every single version of Romeo and Juliet with the original text in front of him to prove that this was the worst version, but to his great dismay its the most accurate film adaptation of it, with the lines closest to the original text and most similar stage direction and relayed emotions.

He proceeded to show it to us in class.